College Kids Are Brattier Than Ever, Now Demanding Presents Before Going Back To School

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So you thought you could only have a gift registry if you got married or had a baby? Apparently not anymore. According to,

“Once reserved for the soon-to-be-married and soon-to-be-parents, college-bound students can now use Target’s college registry to score everything from futons and flip flops to extra-long twin sheets and stylish storage solutions.”

In addition to Target, retailers like Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, and The Container Store, and services such as,, and now provide registries for students headed to college to request the supplies they need. These items include pillows, towels, desk lamps, shower caddies, comforters, and so on, and the incoming students can share their registries with their family and friends.

When should your family and friends give you all this loot? At your “trunk party” of course! According to CNNMoney, these so-called trunk parties are essentially showers for people heading off to college, and they provide friends and family an opportunity to give students the necessities needed to set up their college dorm rooms.

While we understand that heading off to college is an important, life-changing event that certainly isn’t cheap, this strikes us as sort of ridiculous. While it’s one thing to have a graduation party, it’s another to have a whole separate shower or trunk party or whatever you want to call it to outfit your dorm room. When did it become expected that people buy you stuff when you head to school? What’s next? Registering for business attire when you get your first job? Creating a wish list for your favorite kinds of booze when you turn 21? (Wait–why didn’t we think of that?)

(via CNNMoney )

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