Comedy Central Has Created The Perfect Show To Help You Get Over Your Ex

Big Time Hollywood Fl

The longing to hear their voice. The pain of checking to see if they’re there, only to realize that they’re never coming back. Scouring the internet for any information on them, even though you know it’s too late.

It’s a feeling we all go through at some point in our lives. The loss. The distress. The heartbreak. You never thought it would happen to you, but after spending months, if not years together, your relationship finally ended. It wasn’t necessarily anyone’s fault but that doesn’t change the fact that you’re no longer together.

That’s right. Your favorite television show just broke up with you. And now, you just want to get over it.

You see, television shows are a lot like relationships. Actually, scratch that. Television shows are relationships. And like any relationship, television shows can hurt you. If you’ve ever finished an entire series (LOL all of us) you’ll know that coming to the end of a show feels a lot like being dumped. That might seem dramatic, but IDGAF because it’s accurate.

It’s a little more complex than that, though. There are two ways that shows leave you.

1. The season is over.
Which feels a lot like entering a long distance relationship. These characters become your friends and all of a sudden they can’t even make an hour for you once a week? We have to wait MONTHS for our beloved characters to come back to us, and it can be extremely difficult.

2. The entire series ends.
Which is so painful, it’s almost hard to talk about. When a series is over, it literally feels like you might die. What will you do on Wednesday nights? What will happen to these characters? What did you do to deserve this?

It’s devastating. Remember when “Breaking Bad” was over and you sobbed and sobbed and wondered how you would get by without out Walter and Jessie?¬†How about the fact that some of our favorite talk show hosts are leaving the screen to do God knows what? Throw in the realization that some of our favorite shows are ending their seasons and we’re left wondering what we should do. Go outside? Be productive? Take up basket weaving or some shit? LOL, no.

Like any relationship, the only way to get over someone is to get under someone else. Or, turn someone else on (wink wink). Basically you need to look at what you had with your old television shows and say “It’s been fun, and I’ll miss you. If you come back, maybe we can try to work things out, but until then, I need to find someone new.” And then you start watching a new show. This show, actually.

It’s called “Big Time In Hollywood, FL” and it’s literally everything. It has the dark comedy that we’ve been craving and the man bods we love. I was lucky enough to watch the first three episodes because Comedy Central is a big fan of mine (JK, I just know a guy), and I might have peed myself from laughing. I tell you that in confidence but it’s true. Bladder control was most definitely an issue. And honestly? It’s the perfect show. It’s funny, it’s dark, it has some really awesome actors, and your boyfriend will actually watch it with you. And not in the “I’m only sitting through this so you’ll let me put it in you way.” He’ll actually laugh. And you’ll laugh. And then you’ll laugh together and get married and have an open bar and invite me to the wedding because this whole thing was my idea and you’re welcome.

It aired last week but luckily, you can stream the first episode on Comedy Central. And as we all know, binge watching is the best watching. If you tune in now, you’re just one episode behind, but in that time we’ve seen Ben Stiller die, fallen in love with the main characters, and NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. So hurry up. Don’t be the person five season behind and telling everyone not to give away spoilers. It’s your responsibility to know the spoilers. Do it for your ex-television show. Do it for your future wedding. And most importantly, do it for yourself.

So, it’s settled. Watch “Big Time In Hollywood, FL” and you’ll have a ring by the end of spring. Or at least a really great new show to watch. Same thing.

“Big Time In Hollywood, FL” airs Wednesdays at 10:30/9:30c on Comedy Central but you can watch the first episode RIGHT NOW for FREE online by clicking here or on the Comedy Central App.

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