Comedy Central Just Released A Show That Both You And Your Bf Will Love – And It’s Everything.

Big Time In Hollywood, Florida

Back in the days of yore, women faced a whole slew of hardships that made the wage gap look like pennies — seventy-seven of them to the dollar (LOL. That’s not where this is going). There were times we lived in fear of tigers terrorizing our villages. We feared hyenas ripping our faces off. We lived in the constant agony and back pain of a world with no underwire support. Vibrators were formally made out of hollowed out gourds and angry bees. There was even a time — not so long ago — when there were no such things as tampons. You just had to sit home for a week and be waited on by your mother and aunts, while your husband left you alone. Actually, that sounds awesome, but that’s beside the point. It’s been a rough journey for women, but now only one true adversary remains: the manchild.

In his infinite douchebaggery, the manchild fights fire with farts he lit on fire and adult problems with a level of immaturity you didn’t know was possible. In an effort to deflect any and all real life responsibility, he constantly reverts to a state that makes you actually believe he is incapable of being a grownup. The little quip my mom believes to be an old adage comes to mind: “Act your age, not your shoe size.”

The worst thing about the manchild, though? He’s kind of hilarious. His complete disregard for societal norms like “jobs” and “responsibility” is often enough to leave you in belly-aching laughter. Your boyfriend encourages the behavior of his best friend and favorite man child, and you are over trying to put a stop to it, because when you get down to it, he’s just fucking funny. Which is exactly why Comedy Central’s new series “Big Time In Hollywood, FL” is so. damn. good.

Two grown men are living with their parents well past the age of thirty with the constant hope that their next shitty backyard “movie,” will be their big break. As all parents do, Ben and Jack’s parents eventually get sick of their antics and tell them they have to move out. The manchildren have two options:

1.) They can look for jobs, find apartments, and become functional members of society.
2.) They can fake a drug addiction, accidentally get Ben Stiller killed, then go to rehab.

Guess which adventure they make their own?

I’m three episodes in #JobPerks, and I’m hooked. As long as you’re not dating the guy, the manchild is actually kind of the best. Plus, watching dude comedy allows you to pretend like you’re a “chill” girlfriend who can later convince her boyfriend to watch cat videos. Win-win.

“Big Time In Hollywood, FL” airs Wednesdays at 10:30/9:30c on Comedy Central but you can watch the first episode RIGHT NOW for FREE online by clicking here or on the Comedy Central App.

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Veronica Ruckh

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