Common Bad Roommate Mistakes And How To Avoid Them


This fall will introduce the class of 2020 to their first year of college. Along with avoiding the freshmen fifteen and making the dreaded mistake of wearing their lanyards around campus, they must learn to accomplish the coming of age task of getting along for the next year with a complete stranger, also known as their roommate. The following are types of bad roommates, what they do, and what you can do to avoid becoming one of them.

The Klept-ho-maniac

This bitch borrows every single one of your outfits, and always without asking. Getting ready for rush week and need your super cute sundress? Sorry girl, your roommate already has it on and is getting complements from the girls you had wanted to impress.
How Not To Be This Girl: Wear your own shit for at least the first month. When you get more comfortable with each other, always ask before you take something and always return it washed and folded. That’s just girl code.

The Original Slut Sister

This roommate seems innocent enough at first. She comes home from her first day of class telling you about an upperclassmen who invited her to a frat party. You’re happy for her, if not a little jealous. The night of the party though she barges into your shared room making out with her conquest. Even though it’s hella awkward for you, you figure this is a one-time thing. Little did you know you would soon become the victim of the nightly sexile. You consider writing to housing and asking for a refund because you spend more nights in the library than in your room.
How Not To Be This Girl Hook ups are hot, but only when you ask your roommate first. A simple text asking your roommate if your SO or hookup can spend the night saves a lot of anger and resentment towards you.

Little Miss Mess Everywhere

This girl must have really rich parents who had a maid clean their daughter’s room until she went off to college. How else does this bitch not know how to pick up after herself? You’re not a neat freak, but her side is ridiculous! There are empty, molding bowls and a dirty laundry mountain. It may not seem like a big deal but keep in mind when your RA checks you out at the end of the year she doesn’t see “sides,” she sees a permanent stain on the floor and fines both of you.
How Not To Be This Girl: Ask yourself, “would my parents be ok living in this room?” If the answer is no, then clean! And always wash your dishes after you finish eating! To not do that is just nasty, and it attracts ants. Gross.

Monster Mom

You said goodbye to your parents after they helped you move in… so you thought. This girl seems friendly at first and takes an interest in you. “Where are you going, when are you coming back,” are common questions you will hear. It can become overbearing very quickly, and you feel like your in that movie, “The Roommate.” If you find out you’re this girl’s only Twitter follower, run now.
How Not To Be This Girl:  While you may only be trying to be friendly, remember you don’t know your roommate that well yet. She has the right to go out when she wants to and doesn’t have to tell you where she is going or when she will be back. A don’t ask, don’t tell policy is great for this situation until the two of you become closer.

Living with a stranger is a rough right of passage that we all must make. Remember to always think before you act and if you don’t click with your roommate that’s ok! It’s only for nine months and then you can move on or into bigger and better things.

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