Complete Stranger Surprises Bride By Paying For Her Wedding Dress

Complete Stranger Surprises Bride By Paying For Her Wedding Dress

Some girls just get all the luck. A 21-year-old from Utah is not only getting to marry her college sweetheart, she also got her wedding dress for free. Are you jealous? Because I am.

After getting engaged this past January, Liz Jenson was in pursuit of the perfect wedding dress for her wedding in May. After stumbling upon a bridal shop, she walked in (without a posse) and proceeded to try on dresses for the fun of it. Before she knew it, she had found her dream dress — but she was alone. Without her mom or any friends to give her feedback, she began asking other shoppers if they too thought the dress looked like “the one” and they all agreed that it did. Perhaps a little unorthodox, Jenson decided to just go ahead and buy it all on her own, without the help of any family or friends.

But when she reached the counter to pay for her dress, one of the store owners told her that someone had already purchased it for her. Apparently the fairy godmother was also a bride-to-be and although she didn’t find her perfect dress, she wanted to do something nice for someone who did.

“I think she planned this from the get-go,” said Carrie Ling, a co-owner of Elizabeth Cooper Design. “She came in tried on a couple of gowns and I asked, ‘You didn’t like anything today?’ And she said, ‘Actually, I’d like to pay for one of their gowns.'”

Ling believes that the woman (who requested to remain anonymous) chose Jenson because she was alone. And when Jenson learned the news of her gifted dress, she could not believe it. Now she and her future husband have decided to give their wedding a “giving back” theme. “We want to have the news clip of our wedding dress story and a table set up where guests will pledge to be kind and do a service for someone else.” And there you have it, proof that good people still exist.

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