Completely Rational Woman Demands Annual $15K Wine Fund From Child Support

Wine child support

When we get to the last few days of the month, it’s inevitable that my budget is getting a little tight before payday. When I realize that I have approximately $14 to last me three days, I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a minor panic attack trying to determine if this should cover eating or drinking. More often than not, this means a trip to the liquor store and me playing Chopped by trying to make a meal out of half a bottle of ketchup and old oatmeal.

What I’m saying here is that my wine budget is important, and I know of at least one woman who definitely agrees with me. When filing for child support, Veronica Antonio decided her wine budget was so important that she was willing to take her baby daddy to court over it. I mean, I get it — after only a day of babysitting, I’m ready to guzzle down half a box of Sunset Blush, so I can only imagine the stress induced by full-time parenting. Apparently child-rearing is very expensive, as Veronica asked for an annual wine allowance of $15,200 to get her through.

Now, I probably spend too much on wine, but $15K seems a bit steep. According to Vanity Fair, this allowance would get Veronica 29 glasses a week (or a reasonable bottle a day) if she’s buying bottles at a minimum of $50, which makes me want to cry at the bottles of Barefoot hanging out in my fridge. So what did the judge have to say about all of this?

The child is aged seven and does not consume the wine. I should not allow as high a figure as 10,500 pounds per annum [$15,200 in USD] for wine, although I do, in my approach, still allow a significant figure for wine.

Judge Holman gets it. So just remember, if things don’t work out with your first marriage, you’ll never have to worry about balancing your checkbook again — just send a court order to your ex, and you’ll be guaranteed all the wine your heart desires.

[via Vanity Fair]

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