Corgi Butts So Cute It’ll Make You Stop And Think, “Do I Wanna Bang A Dog Rn?”


OMG CORGIS! CORGIS CORGIS CORGIS!!!! There is no creature alive that is fluffier or happier than a goddamn corgi. It makes my whole effing day better just to catch a glimpse of one in real life. Especially their butts. It’s just so cute I could barf! Nothing gets me going like a good corgi butt. Not like that. Actually, does it? Uh, anyway, here are some hot, I mean, adorable corgi butts.

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FLOOF. It’s so fluffy! How is it even legal! Is it legal for me to want to grab it with both hands and sigh in a relieved fashion? Maybe! Only one way to find out I guess. Just kidding! Or am I? Gonna do it anyway!

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Ok, wow. Now THIS is a butt. Check out the sheer musculature of this specimen. This corgi knows EXACTLY what he is doing. He’s acting like he’s looking for a toy on the couch, but what he’s really doing is stretching out his glutes just how you like it. Ugh, what a little tease.

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This corgi straight up strutting his stuff. He’s walking like he’s ready for Tyra to discover him and send him straight to Wilhelmina Models just in time for New York Fashion Week. He’ll be up on the runway smizing his little corgi face off. Smizing with those large, deep pools of near-black brown that seem to not just look at you, but look into you. Just like you’re into this corgi and his sweet ass. I mean eyes.

This lil pupper is all tired out from running through your mind all day. It’s not his fault all you have been able to think about since seeing him is that cute little butt of his. But for now, we let him sleep. And you may sleep as well, dreaming of his handsome little haunches that enchant you so.

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Why do I suddenly feel like hitting the club with this corgi? He is shaking that moneymaker like somebody bout to pay him. This corgi is such a Samantha, which means that he is hot, confident, and looking for lust. And he found it.

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Speaking of lust, look at this little floozy. The red lace screams “touch it, I dare you.” And with an invitation like that, you’re not gonna not take it, right? You can’t let the agonizing hours spent at Vicorgia’s Secret looking for the perfect pair of panties just to have an excuse to “slip into something a little more comfortable.” Valentine’s Day came early this year.

Oh, come ON. Look at the hungry eyes on this one. This corgi is posing like one of those french girls or whatever. It’s hard to think straight with all of that passion being directed at you. Boop it. Boop the butt. You have to.

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