Count Your Blessings Because You Aren’t This Drunk Guy Who Accidentally Left A $1000 Tip

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I like to think I’m a good tipper, mainly because people who don’t tip well (or at all) really piss me off. Hard-working waiters and waitresses are the salt of the Earth, and anyone who treats them like crap is probably a shit person. If you’re ever out with a guy and he doesn’t tip at least 15 percent, I wouldn’t recommend agreeing to a second date.

Bee Anantatho, a proud restaurant owner from Colorado, was faced with the exact opposite problem this past Monday night. One extremely generous customer left a $1,088 cash tip after paying for his meal, and left before management could ask, seriously? Turns out the customer was shitfaced, and most likely mistook ten hundred dollar bills for one dollar bills. Because apparently it’s normal for some people carry around $1000 in cash. I can totes relate.

The customer returned the next day, experiencing what I assume was the world’s worst hangover, to ask for the money back. Management listened to his woeful tale and was pretty much like, “Yeah, we kinda figured.” They retuned his money and accepted a much smaller, but still generous tip.

There’s a lesson to be learned here, people. Don’t wine and dine too hard, or you’ll wind up broke as shit. Or just be broke as shit in the first place, and you won’t find yourself accidentally giving away $1000 in cash.

[via The Denver Post]

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