Couple Breaks The First Rule Of Sex While Getting It On In Public (Photo)

Public Sex

It was your normal afternoon. The birds were chirping, the flowers were blooming, and a couple who apparently couldn’t wait to get home were fucking on the back of a motorbike.

Nothing says spring like some unexpected indecent exposure.

According to Daily Mirror, a man spotted the frisky couple boning on a bridge as he was driving around Goa (India, it’s a place in India) this weekend. After he realized what these horny civilians were doing, he snapped a pic and posted it to Facebook because this is 2015, and that’s how we get shit done. Apparently, he wasn’t too pleased with what he saw. He went on to say,

Have sex riding a bike … No one will stop you … This is Goa … This broad daylight sex show took place right on the Mandovi bridge on Sunday afternoon.

This disturbed man got his revenge though. The police tracked the couple down after the photo he posted went viral.

And I’ll hand it to him, it’s not a pretty sight. The bike rider obviously violated the first rule of sex: Do not wear socks. He also violated the second rule of sex: Don’t wear a T-shirt if you aren’t wearing pants. The fact that he’s wearing a T-shirt, socks, and no pants is enough to make me angry at his existence as well. So okay revenge picture taker, I get it.

Once the police tracked this Bonnie and Clyde of sex down, they admitted to doing it. Best part? It was on a rented motorbike. Because this whole thing wasn’t gross enough. In couple’s defense, however, I want to take a second to appreciate the fact that those vibrations must have been a-maze-ing. So bravo on the innovation, folks.

Once the couple admitted to their crime, the police fined them 1,000 rupees, which is the equivalent of a whopping $16. So, if you want get it on while riding a motorbike in India, it will cost you. Granted, it will be about the same price of dinner for two at Chipotle (minus the guac) but whatever. Just be sure to do society a favor and have your man take his socks off first.

[via Daily Mirror]

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