Dada Life Is Headlining This Year’s Inception At Sea Spring Break Cruise

Dada Life Is Headlining This Year's Inception At Sea Spring Break Cruise

Once more, the Inception at Sea spring break cruise is hitting the open sea and sailing to the Caribbean with an absurd, “how TF did this happen?” lineup of performers. Dada Life, Lil Jon, 3LAU, Bassjackers, Brody Jenner, and more will be onboard, making everyone else’s land-bound spring break look like a funeral reception.

Any one of these artists, were you to book them at your fraternity’s party, would have the police showing up in riot gear to beat back the crowds of women storming your house’s front door. And all of them are here, on one boat, filled starboard to port with hundreds of other spring breakers ready to go hard AF.

Here’s the full lineup:

Dada Life
Brody Jenner
Danny Avila
Lil Jon

And here’s the footage from last year, in case you assumed I was just blowing smoke up your ass about this glorious sea rager.

Having gone last year, I can pretty much promise you that the entire time you’re on the boat is a blur of parties, babes, shows, and beaches. You won’t want to take a break. You won’t have time. It is a wondrous barrage of sensory stimuli. Like if a fraternity party, a concert, a casino, and a tropical paradise all had a baby with ADHD. Seeing these artists confirms that somehow this year is going to be more relentless than the one before. I don’t know if I can handle it, but dammit I want to.

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