Daniel Radcliffe Is Even Richer Than We Thought He Was

Daniel Radcliffe

About 17 times a day I like to play this little game in my head. I decide which celebrity I’d like to marry the most and then I spend an embarrassing amount of time planning out our futures together. These different husbands change depending on my mood or what shows I’m into, but I’ve bounced around from lots of people, like Josh Radner (the guy who plays Ted on “How I Met Your Mother”), John Krasinski, and John Hamm. But while those loves come and go, there’s one that has been around since I was a little girl.

Daniel Radcliffe.

We grew up together (sort of) and our paths crossed so many times (I saw him in movies and read about his character in books), but alas we never found our way to each other. Still, I’ll always think of him as the love that got away.

Which is why when I recently learned that he has a massive, untouched fortune I was even more saddened that things never worked out for us.

According to multiple sources, Dan said that he hasn’t really spent any of the money he earned from the eight “Harry Potter” movies he was it. This means that he has a £75 million fortune ($97 million) just sitting in his vault at Gringotts. I mean, in a bank or whatever.

He’s quoted in The Mirror saying,

I don’t really do anything with my money. I’m very grateful for it because having money means you don’t have to worry about it, which is a very lovely freedom to have. It also gives me immense freedom career-wise.

So the man-wizard is just off living the life of his dreams while a fortune remains locked away untouched? Not only did he play the most iconic character of all time, but he’s also loaded and most likely actually magical. Sign me up. I’ll overlook the short thing for you, Dan.

[via Inquisitr, The Mirror]

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