Demi Lovato Poses As A Lyft Driver, Successfully Pranks Literally Everyone

Demi Lovato Lyft

Would you recognize a celebrity if they dressed up exactly like themselves, didn’t disguise their voices, and even sang for you in your Lyft or Uber? Demi Lovato pulled the ultimate prank on fans when she decided to spend her down time in Denver pretending to be a Lyft driver.

Let’s first just acknowledge the fact that anyone with two eyes paying attention could realize that this is Demi Lovato. She is dressed normal, talked the same, even sang, and talks only about Demi Lovato, with some side convo about the Jo Bros and Selena. DEAD GIVEAWAY. But I get it, they probably thought “no way in hell is Demi Lovato my Lyft driver.”

The cutest part about this whole video is that the only one who is critical of Demi is Demi herself. One of the scariest things, in my opinion, is knowing what people say behind your back. But Demi, being cute as hell, made jokes about her chin and saying Selena was more talented than her.

The fans were nothing but kind, sang “Camp Rock” songs with her, gushed about her new music, and called her beautiful, which duh she is.

So pay close attention to who’s behind the wheel of your favorite taxi service. You could be Demi’s next victim. Here’s to hoping that Beyonce will be my next Lyft driver.

[via Elite Daily]

Image via Youtube

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