Destiny’s Child Reunites For “Say Yes” Single And Music Video

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This is not a drill. The ’90s are back for a quick visit, accompanying the first single in Michelle Williams’ new album, “Journey to Freedom.” The song that reunites the trio is called “Say Yes,” and Michelle claims it “came from Africa more than a hundred years ago,” whatever that means. Apparently, Kelly Rowland and Beyoncé fell in love with Michelle’s version of the song and insisted that there be a Destiny’s Child mix. And now every 20-something girl is weeping tears of joy and nostalgia.

The song is a Jesus-inspired, feel good tribute, specifically released to commemorate your childhood. Okay, not really, but whatever. It’s actually about having few worries, which is pretty fitting since the last time we listened to a Destiny’s Child song, our biggest daily concern was choosing which Abercrombie tee to wear.

The video is pretty much what you’d expect, including coordinated dance breaks, countless enthusiastic Jesus references, and a general Pinterest-esque atmosphere. Beyoncé performs her verse in a braided side ‘do, donning a white tablecloth-like gown with jean shorts underneath. It’s a weird outfit, but we don’t question the queen’s methods. Check it out here.

Thanks for getting the girls back together, Michelle.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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