Details Emerge In the Killing of A ZTA From The University Of North Texas


Earlier this week, 20-year-old Sara Mutschlechner, a ZTA From The University Of North Texas, was tragically murdered on New Year’s Eve. Slowly but surely, we are learning the details of what led up to her death.

Police arrested a suspect, 20-year-old Corporal Eric Jamal Johnson of the U.S. Marines in Yuma, Arizona, where is he stationed, on Tuesday morning. Johnson and his friends pulled up next to Mutschlechner and her friends at a stoplight in Denton, TX that evening, and a conversation started as to “where the next party was,” according to Officer Shane Kizer of the Denton Police Department. Then things took a turn for the worse.

Officer Kizer told People:

“Shortly after that the occupants of Eric’s vehicle made some very rude and derogatory statements to the passengers of Sara’s car that were sexual in nature. There was a comment back from Sara’s car that they didn’t appreciate what Eric’s car had to say.”

This is when the passengers in Johnson’s car allegedly threatened the three girls and one guy in Sara’s car. The light then turned green and, “Almost immediately after driving through the intersection, Johnson allegedly fired two shots out of his car – one striking Sara in the head. The University of North Texas junior lost control of her car and hit another car on the road before crashing into a utility pole.”

While this seems totally extreme for a small altercation at a traffic light, it appears that is the case; according to Officer Kizer, “They had been at this New Year’s Eve party but none of the people in either vehicle had any conversation at the party. They had no background or knowledge of each other.”

It’s scary how one conversation, one minute at a stoplight, can change so many lives forever. Be safe out there.

[via People]

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