Diary Of The Last Girl Left In Town Before Summer Break


Friday, April 22
Oh my god, the end is near! I can’t believe next week is already dead week, where did the time go?? There are so many people I need to hang out with in the next two weeks, holy shit. How do I subtly text every boy I’ve ever liked and tell them it’s about time to profess their undying love for me since it’s now or never?? I’ll ask Stacey. I can’t believe she’s already going home. How does she not have finals? Is she even in real classes? I don’t get it, she could definitely stay for another week just to play with us. Whatever, I’m never leaving. Wait, that’s it! I’m never leaving! I’ll stay here all summer. I can see it now: I’ll work at my favorite bar, flirt with hotties all night, and during the day I’ll be so granola. I’ll go hiking and kayaking, I may even start a mind-body yoga Instagram account. I’m going to get so fit this summer, it’ll be awesome.

Monday, April 25
Ok well, mom and dad said a huge no to staying here for the summer. But whatever, I can get super fit at home. Alone. Ugh. I can’t imagine going from having hundreds of friends all around me here to being at home with my parents and the handful of people I sometimes talk to from high school. This blows. Whatever, I’ve still got two good weeks left with my friends.

Thursday, April 28
Woah woah woah, Jenn and Becca are leaving right after their finals on Monday? Not cool, I thought I had another week left with them! I guess we have time to hang out in the library? This sucks, why are people leaving so soon, I don’t like this!

Sunday, May 1
Oh my god I am leaving in a week, and everyone is leaving way sooner. I have to say bye to everyone before they go, but I have to study!! This is terrible, what if I never see some of these people again? What if I never get to make out with that cute guy ever again in my entire life? *Calls him.*

Wednesday, May 4
Everyone is leaving today, and I’m left with a handful of people. The house is emptying out. Campus has slowed down so much. This is depressing. I really don’t like this. Why do I have to have a final during the last testing period of the last day? What did I do to deserve this?

Friday, May 6
Everyone is gone. I feel like I’m in an episode of “The Walking Dead.” I can’t go out since there’s no one left to go out with. I can’t go chill at my friend’s houses because they’re all gone. I can’t even go to my favorite restaurants since I can NOT eat alone. This is horrible. I’m the only person left in this ghost town. My sorority house is an empty shell, all the laughter is gone. This is killing my vibes, I need everyone to come back right this second. I just need to survive this bizarro nightmare until my final tonight.

Saturday, May 7
I’ve never been more excited to go home. I guess it’s a good thing I’m not staying all summer — I think I would lose my mind. At least at home I have free food and better wifi to FaceTime all my friends. My older sister always made sure she was the last one to leave school every summer, she liked it. That’s crazy to me, I’d way rather say all my goodbyes and leave first, or in the middle. Just never last. It’s true what they say, one is the loneliest number.

Bye college town, see you next fall!

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PlattyBlonde is a senior who divides her time responsibly between cheap alcohol, bad boys, and worrying about her hair.

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