Diet Mixers Help You To Get Drunker, Faster

I know that diet drinks are supposedly bad for you, but if you’ve ever needed justification for opting for a diet mixer instead of regular soda or juice, look no further. A recent study conducted at Northern Kentucky University shows that diet mixers get you drunker and help you stay drunker for longer. Not only are you ingesting fewer calories from your mixer, but you also end up consuming fewer calories of actual alcohol, because you don’t have to drink as much to get to a good level of drunk.

Apparently, most people only perceive their intoxication based on the number of drinks they’ve had, rather than on the actual affects those drinks are having on their bodies and how they feel. Participants in the NKU study who mixed with diet drinks rated their own intoxication as equal to that of participants who had used regular mixers, even though the former group had higher BACs. So, you might not think you’re any more drunk than if you’d used a regular mixer, but that’s only if you’re one of those people who actually counts her drinks and no one’s that responsible.

For the rest of us, this news is great. You get to blame your blackout decisions on not only the large amount of liquor you consumed, but also on what you consumed it with, thus avoiding any kind of accountability. Maybe Jamie Foxx and T-Payne will remix their song to accommodate these new findings.

I’m just relieved to know that while I’ve been making bad drinking decisions throughout my college career, there’s at least one thing I’ve been getting right.

[via Smithsonian]

Image via Smithsonian


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