Disney Changed Princess Jasmine’s Costume And People Are Pissed (Pictures)

Princess Jasmine in Aladdin

Smell that? That’s the smell of PSLs, cinnamon, dead leaves, piles of fun-sized candy, and the successive five pounds of weight gain. This can only mean one thing: fall is upon us. Other than the aforementioned benefits of autumn, we basics can look forward to one hallmark event. Halloween. But along with the sugar (and alcohol) comas comes the dreaded task of deciding what slutty casual costume to attempt. Luckily, us ladies with a few too many lattes in our stomachs now have a new option for a princess costume.

Earlier this month, Disney revealed a new costume design for Aladdin and Jasmine — ones that were historically pretty revealing. While Jasmine used to flaunt her abs and collar bone, she now is covered to her wrists with thin and flowing teal fabric. Aladdin, however, got an upgrade. His scrubby look has been replaced with a fancy suit, cape, and bejeweled turban.

Here is the original look:

And here is Disney’s revival:

Some people suspect that Disney received too much backlash over Jasmine’s revealing outfit, prompting them to make some changes. However, a representative denied the claims, saying that they are merely redoing most of the costumes anyways. Personally, I’m a fan. Look like a princess and be able to have a food baby? Count me in. Now, do you think it’ll deliver by October 31st?

[via Orlando Weekley]

Image via Youtube

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