Disney Is Remaking 18 Of Your Favorite Childhood Movies


Grab your tiaras, ladies, because Disney just dropped some major news on us. Over the past years, they have worked on live-action films like Maleficent and Cinderella, which have been received fairly well by children and basics alike. But now, Disney has decided to remake 18 of their iconic films. Some of them will follow the same plot line as the originals, while others will just be spinoffs or sequels. What’s important, however, is that they will all be live-action, meaning we will no longer feel weird for thinking that cartoon Prince Charming is smoking hot. Here are some of the highlights of the 18 films:

Beauty and The Beast
Hermione, also known as Emma Watson, is going to be starring as Belle. And while you all may be dying to see the feminist queen back on the big screen, I’m more excited to see how they are going to make humans look like dancing silverware. Either way, we will have to wait until March 17th, 2017 to find out.

I had high hopes for this when I saw they would be remaking it, but my excitement evaporated when I saw that Tim Burton was the director. No word yet on who will play Dumbo, but my money is on Johnny Depp.

The Sword and The Stone
Before you scroll right on past this paragraph, hear me out. The film is set to be directed by none other than Bryan Cogman, the genius that created Game Of Thrones. Predictions: sexy Merlin, brooding King Arthur, and lots of battles and sex.

An Ambiguous Prince Charming Movie
The details are fuzzy on this one, but rumor has it that a prince from either Cinderella or Snow White will actually be getting his own movie. Not that I’m upset, but I’d like to see more of Eric circa The Little Mermaid.

This spinoff is going to focus on the origins of Cruella de Vil. Emma Stone is anticipated to play the villain, but the casting call is still out for the majority of the 101 Dalmatians that they need.

Other films set to be revived are Winnie The Pooh, Mulan, Peter Pan, and Mary Poppins. Start brushing up on your acting skills now, ladies. You could soon be an actual princess.

[via Business Insider]

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