Disney Just Created A “Frozen”-Inspired Wedding Dress And OMG! We Want It

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We’ve seen “Frozen”-inspired proposals. We’ve seen “Frozen”-inspired outfits. But listen up, my Disney-loving, “Let It Go”-belting, “Frozen”-obsessed friends, because soon, you can have your very own “Frozen”-inspired–wait for it–WEDDING DRESS. And yes, it will make you wish you were close to getting married. Or at least engaged. Or, you know, in a relationship with someone other than that tub of ice cream in the freezer.

Coming to Alfred Angelo stores in January 2015 is a dress solely based off of Elsa’s incredible gown from the movie. The dress, available in ice blue or ivory, is inspired by the moment Elsa begins to embrace the power she possesses for the first time. Michele Piccione, the designer of the dress and the chief creative officer for the Alfred Angelo brand, told InStyle, “A character like Elsa is a huge inspiration for any designer. She is beautiful and elegant, and her inner beauty shines through when she is ultimately not afraid to embrace who she is with confidence and poise.” And truthfully, isn’t that the image every woman wants to radiate on her wedding day?

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I have to admit, the sketch of the dress is gorgeous and I’m excited to see the real thing. Now if only I could convince my boyfriend to go ahead and invest in it…

[via InStyle]

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