Disney Princesses Star In The Most Famous Scenes From “Titanic” (Pictures)

Messing with Disney princesses is one of the internet’s favorite pastimes. From aging them, to cutting off their hair, to making them star in things like “Sex and the City” and “Fifty Shades of Grey” — we just can’t get enough.

So when Cosmopolitan writer Alex Rees published a piece where Disney princesses became the “Titanic” characters, I cried quietly at my desk as my unrealistic dreams came true. The princesses we watched and mimicked and dreamed of being, became the girl who awakened our desire for fine things and Leonardo DiCaprio.




Cal still looks hot as hell, and “the heart of the ocean” still makes me want to sell my first born child for a piece of it. The couch scene still makes me ~feel~ things at the thought of the sexiest man in the world staring at me like that. And the end still makes me want to pull my fucking hair out — go get a different piece of wood to lay on. Maybe count to three and you both try to get on it. Or how about just not dying Jack? Okay? How about that?

To see the rest of these absolutely captivating pictures, head to Cosmopolitan by clicking here. As for me? I’m going to take a very cold shower and think about something other than Jack Dawson’s perfect, perfect body smile.

[via Cosmopolitan]

Image via MoviePilot

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