Dissolving Strips Are The New Chasers For Alcohol

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If you look up the word “agony” in the dictionary, chances are, you’ll find a picture of any college student in a violent stare-off with a shot of $6.99 vodka and no chaser in sight. Despite our efforts to pump ourselves up Rocky Balboa-style and tell ourselves it won’t be that bad, it always is that bad–and oftentimes, it’s 10 times worse.

A Houston-based company might change all of that with its flavorful take on Listerine-like dissolving strips called Chaser Strips. Designed to pack a “pleasant and less jolting” way to throw back shots, you place a Chaser Strip on your tongue and it covers up the taste of whatever you’re knocking back. After you take the shot, the strip dissolves and you’re left with a sweet aftertaste. Chaser Strips come in packs of 24 and 48, selling for $5.95 and $8.50, respectively. Although they are only made in a mixed berry flavor right now, it’s rumored that the makers hope to release a cinnamon strip soon.

Pending this product actually tastes good and works like it’s intended to, it could be a complete game-changer. No longer would you have to sing “The First Cut is the Deepest” in your head as an inspirational drinking mantra, and you could say sayonara to the days of creating makeshift chasers out of Vita Gummies or granola bars. Most importantly, you wouldn’t feel the need to question your life choices due to the fact that you just choked down a liquid with a pH level closer to bleach than to water.

Although you can only buy Chaser Strips online as of now, they are set to hit shelves in Texas sometime in the immediate future. Eventually, the company plans on rolling them out to liquor stores nationwide.

All I have to say is that they better do it soon. Why? Because people like me–who have shot faces that look like Tori Spelling crying–are growing pretty darn impatient.

[via Food Beast]

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