Instagram’s Hottest Doctor Wants To Give You A Free Breast Exam

Instagram's Hottest Doctor Wants To Give You A Free Breast Exam

If you’re in a hot doctor rut until the return of Grey’s Anatomy, you may want to start turning to social media for your hot doctor needs. Take, for example, Doctor Mike on Instagram. He has over 2 million followers, and while I struggle to get triple digit likes, he can’t stop raking them in – and for good reason. Dude is smoking. I mean, seriously, check these out:

On my call shift just dreaming up ways of how to take over the world who's with me??

A photo posted by Dr. Mike (@doctor.mike) on

I mean, honestly, I might cancel my Hulu subscription and just start watching this guy’s Instagram stories on Thursday nights instead. Anyway, Doctor Mike is much better than a McDreamy or a McSteamy for one major reason: he is real, you can meet him, and he will literally fondle you without you even having to put on real pants to go to the bar. Ok, maybe “fondle” isn’t the right word, but he IS giving out free breast exams in Central Park for your health, and honestly, I’ve never been more excited to go to a doctor’s appointment in my entire life.

The whole thing is for a good cause – while boosting our self-esteem definitely counts, the whole thing is for publicity to sign up for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure event on September 10th. If you enjoy running – and no, I’m not talking about doughnut or liquor store runs – you can get hot and sweaty with Doctor Mike in just a few weeks AND support cancer research in the process. The only place I’ve run in the last five years is away from all of my adult responsibilities, but you can bet I’m training now – Doctor Mike, I’m coming for you.

[via Observer]

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