Don’t Freak Out, But Converse Is Changing Their Classic All Star Sneaker

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Ahh, Converse. A staple in any basic bitch’s wardrobe. Throw on your pristine white chucks, some norts, an oversized tee, and you’re set to conquer the world (or at least whatever classes you have that day). I don’t want to be that douche who claims that I was wearing Converse before they became cool, but just to be clear, I was wearing Converse before they were cool. Now every white girl within a ten mile radius of my campus is romping around in them, and I’m sort of bitter about the whole thing.

As it turns out, All Star is turning 98 this year. To celebrate such an insignificant milestone, the brand has decided to drop a load of change on everyone. Nike, who bought Converse and all of its glory in 2003, is redesigning the classic Chuck Taylor shoe to make them last longer and feel more comfortable. They’re including a liner for cushioning and arch support, a padded collar to reduce ankle rubbing, and a whole bunch of other shit that no one really cares about. Non-slip tongue be dammed. We all just want to know what the new shoes are going to look like. Feast your eyes, bitches:

Not bad. They definitely look different, but I don’t mind the new design. It’s about time the brand makes some changes, because people who wear them regularly (and by regularly, I mean not solely to class and music festivals) will tell you that swift wear and tear is inevitable. They fall apart easily, and then you have to dish out more cash for a pair you know you’ll be replacing in a year. The one saving grace is that you can toss them in the washer after trucking through the mud, and they’ll come out looking new-ish.

The only downside is that this change comes with a higher price. The brand will now charge $75 for high tops and $70 for low tops. Despite this minor annoyance, hats off to Converse for improving design and function. Unless you’re not a fan of the new sneaker, in which case, you’re shit out of luck.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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