Donut Walls Are The New Wedding Trend And They Are So Cute

Donut Walls Are The New Wedding Trend And They're So Cute

It seems that everyone is trying their hardest to come up with new and unique concepts at weddings. Everyone wants to have the best and most interesting reception. There have been cupcake bars and photo booths with 100 props to play with. Some people even have companies like Noodles and Company to cater their weddings, creating a delicious but different twist to the reception food. But the new and Pinterest-worthy trend are donut walls, 10-foot high displays with pegs attached and on each separate peg a fresh and delicious donut to choose.

Either way. ..donuts or doughnuts. ..they're simply delicious! #donutbar #donutwall #doughnuts #donuts #sprinkles

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These donut walls work really well at formal and casual occasions and are much easier than cutting a cake. Guests line up single file and pick a donut off a peg. It’s cute, delicious, saves a lot of mess, plus it creates a great new and interesting aesthetic. The varieties also seem to be endless. There have been glazed-only donut walls, or even pick your own icing donuts. The displays can be small or large so they can fit well with other desserts on a table. The donut wall serves as the delicous center of attention at any event.

In some cases, bakeries will build the wall themselves and the donuts are provided by other vendors like Krispy Kreme, or, a person can find a gourmet donut vendor like Fractured Prune to provide the donuts. The possibilities are endless, and that is what makes this new trend so spectacular. It can be done a million different ways while still looking delicious and unique. We love it!

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