Here’s What Dorota From “Gossip Girl” Is Up To Now

Gossip Girl Dorota

Every time I binge watch “Gossip Girl,” there are a couple things that always stay the same. I have this weird thing for Dan Humphrey and his chest hair (yes, even through his awkward-hair years when he dated Blair which was incredibly awkward). Nate Archibald is always hot. And everyone’s lives would be infinitely better if they had their own Dorota.

“Gossip Girl” has shaped my life in so many ways. I don’t date boys who are below a 9 on the hotness scale, I believe some good hair and an innocent smile can go a long way, and anytime I’m contemplating on whether to make a good decision or a bad one, my inner conscious sounds just like Dorota. Whether she is the angel on my right shoulder telling me not to be upset with Miss Serena or the devil on the other side telling me to follow my heart to my Mr. Chuck, she’s always there.

So When I saw the opportunity to see what she looked like now, the first this I heard was her cute little accented voice saying,

“You and Lonely Boy are having affair!!!!!!”

And I couldn’t resist. It put me in all my Dorota feels. You would be happy to know that Dorota looks like she would still be our go-to girl. According to Zuzanna Szadkowski’s Instagram (the actress who played Dorota in the show), she loves her friends, loves her dogs, loves selfies and loves her drinks. So you know, she’s basically us.

You know we still love you Dorota,

[h/t Elite Daily]

Image via Youtube

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