Drake Continues To Be A Fuckboy On Rihanna’s Birthday

Drake Pulled The Ultimate Douchebag, Ex BF Move And Wished Rihanna A Happy Birthday

What’s the one time that exes can reach out to you without it being absolutely unwarranted and ridiculous and annoying? Your birthday. How many times does your douchebag ex-boyfriend message you on your birthday JUST so he can get in contact with you? You’d think that celebrities would be above all the petty drama, but it appears that isn’t true, because Drake just pulled the ultimate douchebag “Happy Birthday” BS to my girl Rihanna.

Drake is the reason that women have trust issues. He’s all over the place. He is the male equivalent to Taylor Swift in the relationship department. He was with Rihanna, Taylor (?), some girl named India (?), then JLo, and he just confused us again with a special birthday wish he sent Rihanna yesterday while performing a concert in Dublin.

“It’s somebody’s birthday today — somebody I have a lot of love for and a lot of respect for. So, instead of singing ‘Happy Birthday,’ though, we just going to do this in Dublin. Instead of singing ‘Happy Birthday,’ we’re going to set it off just like this…”

Drake then helped the crowd belt out “Work.”

Aw, hell nah. Is this dude crazy? Thinking he can double dip into any woman he pleases? Rihanna is far too bad for this kind of back and forth, up and down, bullshit. I used to be the biggest advocate for Drake and Riri to be together, the ultimate power couple, but shit has gone too far. In my mind, Rihanna is my best friend, even though she doesn’t even know me. So if she gets back together with this goon, I will be pissed. I didn’t text my ex-boyfriend back when he wished me a happy birthday, so Rihanna better not respond either.

[via Elite Daily]

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