Drake Launches His Very Own Brand Of Whiskey To Drink While Crying To All His Albums And Thinking About Your Ex

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Champagne Papi is officially launching his own brand of…whiskey. The rapper is collaborating with Brent Hocking, the founder and creator of DeLeón Tequila to introduce a luxury whiskey, named Virginia Black, to the market. Finally, Drizzy has provided something for us to guzzle as we cry along to his albums and drunk text our exes.

He appeared on Jimmy Fallon this week to promote his newest album Views, and they sampled his newest concoction. Where’s the application to become drinking buddies with this duo? Back in February, Champagne Papi gave his Instagram followers a first glance at his latest endeavor when he posted an Instagram with a classy black and gold picture of the whiskey and now it’s finally, finally here.

First look @virginiablackwhiskey

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After that legendary moment what else is there to do but celebrate with class. Virginia Black coming soon…

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It’s clearly not a new concept for someone in the music business, especially rappers, to venture into the food and alcohol industry. Seriously, damn you Diddy for creating Ciroc, and making me question if I should spent a little extra for better tasting vodka. (The answer is no, I shouldn’t, I’m broke.) But what is confusing to me is, why whiskey? Drake is a self-proclaimed lover of white wine, and his name is Champagne Papi for fuck’s sake. Am I missing something here? Also why Virginia Black? It sounds kind of like a porn star name. Honestly surprised he didn’t name it Toronto Black. We get it, you’re from Canada, eh.

For all you Drake lovers who are simultaneous whiskey haters, fear not. Virginia Black, much like Drake, is supposed to be sweet and soft-tasting, especially in comparison to other whiskey. It is only 80-proof, while regular whiskey is normally around 95-proof. So suck it up, make a face, and know you’re drinking the fruit of Drake’s labor.

“We wanted to make something very sexy,” said Drake’s partner and spirit mogul, Brent Hocking. Very on brand, Drake.

Virginia Black will be available for $34.99 in New York on June 1st, and then nationwide soon after. Honestly, this almost as exciting as hearing Drake’s pulling out his old wheelchair, and a new season of “Degrassi” is being filmed.

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