Drug Lords Are Using Pumpkins To Smuggle Cocaine Into The States, Because Fall


Bitches love fall. It’s an undisputed fact. The clothes are cuter, the food is better, and we can stop shaving our legs for extended periods of time. What’s not to love? Perhaps the best part of fall, however, is the crafting. For girls, crafting is a year round sport, but fall is like our finals. We craft EVERYTHING. Wreaths, baked goods, and of course, pumpkins. But the next time you pick up some pumpkins and start selecting your favorite Lily print to recreate, you might want to check what’s underneath.

Authorities discovered that $6 million worth of cocaine was smuggled into the U.S. using, of all things, pumpkins. They found 350 pounds of the white powder in pumpkins being shipped from Costa Rica and arriving at the Port of Philadelphia. The gourds arrived to the states on September 17 and were promptly inspected by the Drug Enforcement Agency, thanks to an anonymous tip by someone who obviously loves fall and hates seeing innocent pumpkins used as drug mules.

Officials launched an investigation and determined that the cocaine was headed to the Bronx. John Kellegan, a special agent for the Department of Homeland Security, released a statement concerning the drugged pumpkins:

The cocaine was expertly disguised in a shipment of squash and pumpkins and because of the coordinated efforts of the law enforcement agencies you see here today, that it was found, seized and never reach the streets of our country. This seizure is a unique opportunity for us to actually show the public the efforts of that daily coordination.

Thanks to the hard work of the DEA and Homeland Security, the streets, and more importantly — the pumpkins, are safe again.

[via Elite Daily]

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