Dry Shampoo Might Actually Be Bad For You


As girls, the number two problem right after “Aunt Flo” is hands down our hair. We dye, wash, condition, brush, blow dry, curl, straighten, volumize, and de-frizz as much as our tresses can stand. Then, it gets stuck in the drain, clings to our outfits, gets matted in our bedroom carpet, conveniently decides to have bad days when we have big events, and all in all drives us insane.

The only thing saving us from indefinite madness is dry shampoo. Don’t have time for a shower? Dry shampoo. Need some texture added to your hair? Dry shampoo. Want your hair to smell fresh even though you’re a disgusting human being? Dry shampoo–it’s always the answer.

The magic of dry shampoo is really quite simple. You have oily, gross hair. Dry shampoo has compounds that make your hair look more matte. You spray it on your unwashed hair and voila you are a new, cleaner-looking woman. Seriously, you guys, it was a life-changing moment when my hair stylist first introduced me to dry shampoo. That is why it is much to my dismay to tell you that dry shampoo might actually be hurting your hair, not helping.

In fact, dry shampoo can thin your hair, dry your scalp, cause dandruff and sticky buildup, and cause (otherwise healthy) tangled, sticky hairs to be pulled out.

The good news is that there’s a way to prevent hair damage and still use our beloved, favorite product. Much like with yummy carbohydrates and unprotected sex, moderation is key. If you’re only using dry shampoo every once in a while, your follicles should be fine. However, if you basically never shower and go through a bottle of dry shampoo a week, you might have a problem. And I’m not talking about your dry shampoo debacle. I’m talking about the fact that you’re living like a caveman.

Just take a damn shower, you filthy animals.

[via College Candy]

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