Dude Tries To Climb On Floating Stage At Kanye Concert, Kanye Isn’t Having It


I don’t know about you guys, but Kanye West isn’t somebody I would want to piss off. Ye is famous for having a nasty temper, so if I wound up at one of his concerts, I’d sit the fuck down and be on my best behavior. During his “Saint Pablo” tour, one fan literally tried to climb onto the floating stage that Kanye was on, performing the song “Power.” We get it. That song is very motivational to some people. He must have thought that Kanye shouldn’t be the only one owning the stage that night, so he tried to join in.

Kanye just yelled “BRO,” and gestured that the maniac should let go of the stage. There are plenty of videos, as you would assume. Security took care of the jumper, although in videos it looks like Kanye is the one who really took care of the issue.

I’m not really sure what this guy thought would happen here. Kanye doesn’t seem to be the warm and cuddly type, and definitely doesn’t seem like the kind of person who wants to share the attention.

“Everyone just kind of turned and looked at each other like, ‘Did that really just happen?’” eye witness Chase Brown told NBC News. “But the show continued and not much was said about it. The overall show was great, Kanye put on a great show.” Brown also mentioned that he didn’t think the fan was hurt. This fan at least had his one minute of fame on the edge of the stage, if that’s what he was looking for.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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