Dumbest Woman Alive Periscopes Herself Drunk Driving, Is Promptly Arrested

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There are a lot of stupid people out there. Tons, actually. Among the scores of stupids are those who choose to drive drunk. The Queen, however, is 23-year-old Whitney Marie Beall, a Florida woman who was recently arrested for a DUI after broadcasting her joyride for all of Periscope to see.

Saturday night, Beall live-broadcasted a 25-minute insight to her drive, which she so accurately named, “Driving home drunk.” I’m not making this up. She literally named her Periscope sesh “Driving home drunk,” and then expected not to get into trouble. Someone please make sure this woman never votes and/or breeds.

Here’s part one of the fiasco.

Aaaaaaand part two.

My personal favorite part is when she he announced to all her followers, “Let’s see if I get a DUI. I don’t think I will.”

Soon after the start of the broadcast, Lakeland Police Department began to receive a flood of phone calls about the crazy bitch. Apparently it took the police department a while to figure out what was happening, because they’re all old balls with no knowledge of social media. Luckily, a younger officer was able to download the app, and locate Whitney a mere 20 minutes later using landmarks from the videos.

Beall was charged with a DUI, taken to jail, and released soon after. She later claimed that she “understood her wrong doing,” but apparently intends on pleading not guilty to the charges.

Good luck with that.

[via Elite Daily]

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