Elliot Stabler’s Butt Is Blowing Up Tumblr

Elliot Stabler's Butt Is Blowing Up Tumblr

If you watch “Law and Order: SVU,” two things are true. The first is that you desperately waited for Elliot and Olivia to become a couple, and it absolutely broke your heart when it never happened. The second is that you were slightly (and sadistically) happy when the partners never boned, because you had a huge crush on Elliot Stabler. And who can blame you? He’s strong, beautiful, and passionate, and his anger issues are strangely enticing.

Luckily for you, the newest trend exploding on Tumblr depicts Christopher Meloni in a multitude of awkward poses with the caption, “These are their stories.” I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I fucking love the internet. Feast your eyes, and you’re welcome for making your day.

We see you, detective.

[via Tumblr]

Image via Netflix

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