Emma Roberts And Evan Peters From “American Horror Story” Are Back Together

Emma Roberts Evan Peters

If there’s one thing I love, it’s co-stars falling in love. Something about their eyes meeting across a busy set makes my heart flutter in an “I wish I was attractive and famous and had a costar to fall in love with” kind of way. So when “American Horror Story” co-stars Emma Robers and Evan Peters fell in love, I was all about it.

Well. You know. I hated her for being with him, but still all about it.

In the series they never really had a romantic relationship (except for when they were both dead and banged a bit in “Coven”, not to mention that threesome) but that didn’t stop them from falling in love. Just because it seems like a match made in casting heaven, that doesn’t mean their relationship has been smooth. Like, at all.

In 2013, Emma got arrested for hitting Evan during a fight (he didn’t press charges) but then they went on to get engaged. Then they broke up. Then they got back together. Then they, well, broke up again.

But hey! Rumor has it that they’re back together. Yay. I’m sure their friends are very excited and in no way over their relationship by now.

From Daily Mail:

A source told the publication: “Emma and Evan are definitely back together.”

Many have speculated if they were dating again as they were spotted grabbing iced beverages and bagels in Los Angeles together nearly two weeks ago. At the time they even managed to touch hands in the most affectionate of ways as they perused the magazine covers at a newsstand.

They sparked talk of reconciliation after they showed up separately to the same friend’s house in Los Angeles’ Studio City the Thursday before that.

Let’s see if they can stick it out and stay together this time. And if not, don’t hesitate to hit a girl up, Evan. I might not be a witch, but I sure am a bitch. Same thing, right?

[via Daily Mail]

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