Emma Watson Gave A Badass Speech On Gender Equality, And You Need To Watch It Now

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We all know Emma Watson is flawless. She always looks like she stepped straight out of a J.Crew ad, and she has an unexplainable Audrey Hepburn-esque quality that we all would kill for. What’s more important than her wardrobe, however, is her brain. She has always been outspoken when it comes to her strong beliefs in feminism, thus deeming her a notorious advocate for gender equality. Because of this badass reputation, she was asked to give a speech at the United Nations headquarters this past Saturday to help launch a new gender equality campaign called HeForShe.

Unsurprisingly, her speech is incredible. Emma doesn’t just share shocking examples of how she has been put down and sexualized by the media in her career because of her powerful, female status. She also examines the meaning of the word “feminism,” a term we all know has been misconstrued. She touches on every issue concerning feminism, and basically makes every member of the audience her bitch by slapping them with a hot dose of reality. Take a look, and all hail Queen Emma.

[via E!]

Image via E!

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