Eva Mendes Thinks Your Husband Will Divorce You Because You Look Like Shit At Home

Eva Mendes Thinks Your Husband Will Divorce You Because You Look Like Shit At Home

A lot of girls out there think that being in a relationship means you can let yourself go a little. “You don’t have to shave as often! Or wear makeup! Or wash your hair for three days! He’ll love you no matter what.” I’ve never really felt this way. Whenever I’m in relationships, I tend to put myself together more, not less. When I’m not sleeping with anyone, there’s no reason to shave my nether regions, but when I have a boyfriend, I don’t want to feel and look gross when we’re making sexy time. When I’m single, the only time I’m naked is in the shower. I’m essentially never looking at my own body. But when you’re in a relationship you’re naked and bouncing at least once every other day — call me crazy, but that’s more incentive for me to look good, not less.

Eva Mendes agrees, and pretty much believes that the reason you’re not dating your very own Ryan Gosling is because you look like a slob around the house. When asked by AJ Calloway in an interview for “Extra,” whether or not she wears “lazy sweatpants at home,” she seemed almost shocked and offended when she aggressively answered, “Sweatpants? No, no, no, no, no. You can’t do sweatpants. No. Ladies, number one cause of divorce in America [is] sweatpants. No. You can’t do that.”

She went on to explain that she wears makeup every day. I guess she’s just the kind of girl who still “gives a shit,” and when you’ve got Ryan Gosling on your arm, I guess that makes sense. In other news, I hope my boyfriend never gets ahold of this interview, because I’ve literally worn his boxer briefs to bed, which is the number two cause of divorce in America. Or at least in my relationships.


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