Evaluating Date Party Date Options

Evaluating Date Party Options

You’re sitting in chapter and your social chair stands up and announces your chapter’s upcoming date party. Assuming you’re not already in a steady, loving relationship, or even have a fairly consistent hookup, this may cause a minor panic attack. After all, your date can have a big impact on your immediate future, dictating how much fun you’ll have. Not to mention the public pictures of this event will last a lifetime. Being a sorority woman, you are lucky enough to have a few outstanding gentleman options.

The Best Guy Friend

You met this guy in your first class, the first day of your freshman year. It may have been the instant sexual attraction that you’ve both now sufficiently suppressed, but there was an immediate connection between the two of you, and you’ve been best friends ever since. Between super frequent lunch dates and constant texting, he provides all of the emotional support of a boyfriend. Bonus: you can vent to him about all of the actual male interest in your life. This option will be lots of fun, with one small risk. Remember that suppressed sexual attraction? Add in enough booze and a romantic atmosphere, and you’re all cued up to go from friend to, ahem, friendlier. Just keep in mind that should you hook up, you run the risk of severely damaging a friendship you probably don’t want to lose. I mean, maybe things could work out, but you’ve heard about enough of his sexual conquests to know that while he’ll be nicer to you than his usual hookups, it would never last. Unless you’re sure both of you can control yourselves, it would behoove you and your relationship to avoid this one.

Your Best Non-Sorority Girlfriend

Maybe she’s your roommate, maybe she’s a legacy at another house, but for whatever reason, this girl is your sister at heart, just not in letters. You two always have an amazing time together, and seeing as there is no boy in your life, why not bring her? You know you’ll have a blast and that there is a 0% chance of the awkwardness that comes with dealing with a guy you barely know or like. The main problem here? It feels like a major cop-out and just confirms all of your insecurities. You’ll feel like you’re so undatable that you can’t even find a boy to take to your no-pressure sorority date function. Plus, if you’re trying to make a certain Mr. Someone jealous, pictures of you and your bestie are certainly not going to do it.

That Guy That Sits Next To You In Lecture Hall

Yeah, he’s really cute, and seems smart as far as you can tell, but you barely know him. “What page are we on?” and “Can I borrow a pencil?” are about the extent of your communication. Aside from what you’ve picked up about each other in class (you have a hard time following along, and he has an apparent aversion to office supply stores), you’re basically strangers. The upside here, is that expectations are low. There’s even potential to have a really great time and, who knows, maybe even have a second date? Reality, however, dictates that it will probably be an awkward evening, which will make sitting next to him in class for the rest of the semester a nightmare.

The Random Set Up

You agreed to let one of your sisters set you up, and you’re praying to the good Lord above that she has good taste in men. You’ll probably spend the next couple of weeks subconsciously stressing about your blind date for no reason. When he picks you up, he’ll be handsome, intelligent, well-groomed, and impeccably dressed. You’ll end up having a lovely evening, as he holds doors open for you, pays for the bill, provides excellent conversation, compliments your beauty, and provides expensive liquor for the pregame. At the venue, he’ll surprise you with incredible dancing, and at the end of the night, you’ll have one of the best kisses of your life. You’ll truly feel like Cinderella. Cons? Well, you’ll find out the next week that apparently he’s getting back with his girlfriend, so, unlike Cinderella, you’re back to square one. No happily ever after for you.

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