Evaluating Spring Break Spots

Evaluating Spring Break options

Spring break is literally the best week of the year, aside from bid week, and homecoming, and Greek week. It’s basically the unofficial, off-campus party for all members of the Greek system, nationwide. Even though spring break was created by campus administrators as a way to give us a week off after spending multiple sleepless nights in the library studying for midterms, affording us a chance to take a break from campus and rest up, it’s pretty much the opposite of “taking a break” from our day-to-day binge drinking. In fact, spring break is the magical time of year when you, your besties, and basically the entire Greek community pick up and retreat to a semi-far-off destination to spend a week raging with the same people you normally rage with. Everyone knows you plan SB with your pledge class, and there’s an unofficial spot to go every single year. I’ve decided to break down the most popular destinations for drunken debauchery for all spring breakers.

Panama City Beach, Florida

Often referred to as “the redneck Riviera” (ew), PCB is one of the most common destinations for Greeks of all ages. It makes sense people would flock to the Florida panhandle in search of rage like Buddhists make pilgrimages in search of enlightenment. Not only is PCB within reasonable driving distance of like, 75% of most schools with Greek life, it’s incredibly cheap. Apart from the millions of hotels along the main drag, there are tons of houses just a few streets away from the beach available for weekly rentals. There is also the whole beach scenario, which is pretty much a MUST for a March retreat locale. Other than that, though, I don’t LOVE PCB. Yes, people are day drinking like crazy on the beach from dawn ‘til dusk, but in my opinion, the bar scene is only so-so and unless you have like, a really good fake, you’re kind of doomed when it comes to going out at night. The police are so annoying when it comes to law-breaking. It’s also important to note that while PCB is a college kid’s destination during the month of March, it’s kind of sketchy and disgusting.

Acapulco, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta…Basically Anywhere in Mexico

Um, effing duh. Any of these places are more expensive than an in-country option, but they’re well worth it. First of all, taking a plane means that a) you won’t have to worry about taking turns driving at any point throughout the trip, and b) you can start your week of binge drinking early with some airport and in-flight cocktails. Most of the resorts at any of these locations are chic as fuck and all-inclusive, which obviously enables your day drinking habits. The beaches are absolutely to die for, and if your entire school’s Greek system is there, it’s a guaranteed party on the beach anyway. The only drawback I can see is the chance of ingesting something accidentally that happens to be legal in Mexico but unheard of in the US. I…know a girl who accidentally drank liquid Viagra. Apparently, that’s a thing there.

A Cruise

Cruises freak me out because I’m a free spirit who doesn’t like to be contained to a specific, closed location for a determinant amount of time. That, and I went through a mega Leo phase recently, during which I watched Titanic like 45 times, so I’m having an issue with large aquatic vessels. Cruises are great in theory, because they’re usually cheap and an easy way to keep track of everyone. Sometimes that one friend who gets wasted and wanders off can be a huge factor when deciding on a spring break spot. Sure, you can get wasted on the open sea for five days and not have to worry about anything, but there’s also the possibility of getting seasick or trapped on board, which seems to be a trend as of late.

Prague, Barcelona, or Madrid

If you have a sister who’s abroad for spring semester, I highly recommend taking advantage of her foreign location and utilizing your spring break to go visit. These cities are literally insane and world-renowned party spots. They’re also a viable option if you care about seeing something interesting, and would rather run into some new people during your week off. The only downside is that the plane rides suck, because you’re literally going across the ocean to get there. Then there’s that whole language barrier predicament. Oh well.

Some Volunteer Spring Break

Cute, if you’re into giving back, but let’s be real here, you’ve been spending the entire year kicking ass and raising thousands of dollars for various organizations, so I think it’s okay if you choose to go binge drink on a beach instead of buildings houses for a week.

Overall, you have four opportunities to take a ridiculous vacation with all of your friends. Once the real world gets you (*shudder*), it becomes way difficult to orchestrate getting everyone together at the same time, so regardless of where you decide to go, as long as you’re with your besties and a never-ending supply of booze, you’re going to have the time of your life.


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