Everything I Found Out When I Got Lash Extensions


I am a high maintenance gal. I’ve learned to accept it. That is who I am. Before I go out, I know I need to block out a good two and a half hours to get ready. If I had lots of money my way, you can guarantee I’d have a glam squad on deck ready to blow my hair out and chisel out my cheekbones.

Two minutes to three minutes out of that two and a half hour getting ready process includes gluing on strip lashes. Growing up in competitive dance, putting on lashes is just a natural part of the makeup process for me. Without a strip lash, I feel like I’m not wearing makeup at all. So as I noticed lash extensions getting more and more popular, I couldn’t not try them out.



My lashes weren’t too terribly short, but they weren’t phenomenal either. The picture makes them look a lot longer, in my opinion. I would typically use two different mascaras to make them look existent. I’m not a particularly hairy person (I’ve never really had arm hair other than a few blonde hairs), so I accredit my lack of lash to my extreme caucasian-ness.

The Application


If you’re in anyway ADD, the application may be hard for you. If it’s done correctly, it takes around two hours. If someone tells you they can do your lashes in an hours time, run. You lay down like you would for an eyebrow wax, and then get your bottom lashes taped down. Although that sounds terrifying, it’s not bad at all. The application was completely painless. It feels like someone placing individual lashes on your eyelid with tweezers. There wasn’t a smelly glue smell either. The only difficult part was keeping my eyes shut for two hours and not being able to look at my phone. I know, I’m scum. You can sleep during the process, but I’m a circus freak that sleeps with my eyes open so that wasn’t an option for me.



Am I Kardashian?! The lashes feel natural, fill out my eyeliner line, and don’t look awfully fake. I’m used to wearing strip lashes a lot, so they don’t feel heavy on my eyes at all. If you aren’t used to that fake lash life, they may feel a little heavy right after the application.

Pros And Cons


  • I LITERALLY WOKE UP LIKE THIS. I took this picture when I woke up three hours ago. Okay, there may be a little bit of makeup left in my eyebrows, but that shit is hard to remove. I feel like I could run errands like this and not have to hide in another aisle if I ran into an old ~flame.~

  • Bye bye mascara. The only time you need to use mascara is if you want it on your bottom lashes. The only maintenance needed is a dry mascara wand (your technician should supply this) through your lashes if they get clumpy.


  • If you work out a lot, they aren’t going to last as long. If you work out, swim, or go to saunas a lot, you are going to have more fall out on your lashes. Luckily, my lashes don’t know what the inside of a gym looks like.
  • If you used oil based skincare or makeup remover around your eyes, you have to change that. Your eyeliner should be removed with a q-tip and water.
  • It is a little bit pricey. The initial application can be anywhere from $100 to $250. Then every two to four weeks you need to get them filled which can be around $50 to $80.

I thoroughly enjoy tricking people into thinking I’m prettier than I actually am. So for me, totally worth it.

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