Facebook Added The Myspace “Top 8” Feature, Stalking Just Got MUCH Easier

Facebook Stalking

Myspace was the best. It was the start of the mirror pic, the start of needing validation from friends over the internet, and the start of being passive-aggressive on social media. While it gave us a lot, one of the best parts of Myspace was, of course, the Top 8.

The Top 8 was every bitchy girl’s dream. Boyfriend ignored you after 4th period? He got moved down. Friend ditched you at lunch to sit with the “popular girls?” She got shoved to number 7. The guy you have a secret crush on passed you a note in Spanish class? Hello, number 3. It was all a sick, twisted game, and we fucking loved it.

In a complete power move, Facebook decided to bring a little bit of nostalgia into our lives and add the “Top 8” feature to our (and our moms’) favorite social media site. But as expected, Facebook did it better. In the age of obsessive stalking, acting like you don’t give a shit but following someone’s every move, and practicing the art of steady hands while scrolling through someone’s 2007 timeline, Facebook decided to make our effed up habits even easier.

The site has officially added a “top friends” filter for us. And it is exactly what we’ve been waiting for.

It was released for iOS today, and Android and desktop versions wont be far behind. Basically, it lets you filter your favorite people so that you never miss a single thing that they post. Ever. To get it, all you do is go to the app and click settings (click “More” at the bottom right), scroll all the way down to “News Feed Preferences,” and click the star that says “Prioritize.” From there you can add your exes, his exes, your exes’ exes, so on and so forth until you have a timeline of all of the people you stalk obsessively. AND if you happened to have unfollowed someone in the past, it’s now easy to find them again (like they could hide, LOL).

Naturally, no one can see your secret timeline except you. It’s like Facebook just wants us to know every single thing that his high school girlfriend is doing, and honestly, I have no problem with that. Carry on, stalkers. The social media world just got a little more creepy.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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