Facebook Explodes After Shitty Ex-Boyfriend Still Wants A Cooler Even Though He Dumped The Girl

Boyfriend Cooler

Those freaking coolers. You know the ones. The ones you spent literal years on before your boyfriend, sort-of boyfriend, or FWB’s formal. The ones you slaved over. The ones that made you go to Michaels 15 times. The ones that you skipped going out, seeing friends, and attending classes for. The ones you sobbed over on multiple occasions. Yeah, those fucking coolers. After giving up part of your soul to make this piece of art, you kind of expect the guy to love you forever. I mean, it’s a fair trade. So what if, after all of that, the guy dumps you?

I wish this was a joke, but after scrolling through a cooler Facebook page that I follow (despite the fact that the one cooler I ever made looks like shit) I saw a post that caught my eye.


Oh. My. God. Right? This is the nightmare. Plus, “he still wants it”? UGH. Boys. You want to think that it will never happen to you, but if it does? Well, what the hell do you do? This user took to Facebook, and the responses are absolutely hilarious.


Updated cooler
LOL, actually dying.
Updated Cooler
Trust me, keep going.
It gets even better.
Cooler Updated

El oh el. Personal favorites? Filling it with glitter, burning it while drinking, and selling it without sealing it. But, as you can see, it’s a hard choice. It’s not just a matter of what to do, but it’s a reflection of her. Should she be a “good person” and sell it to him out of respect for their relationship? Or should she tell him to go fuck himself because he was a dick for doing this to her mid-cooler season? Not such an easy choice. When I reached out to her and asked what she was thinking, she told me that she didn’t know yet. So, I’ve decided to turn to you, the masters. You’ve done the work. You’ve given the coolers. You’ve spent weeks washing paint off of yourself. If you were in this situation, what would you do? And, more importantly, what do you think our sister in crafts should do?

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