Fail Friday: A LITTLE Creepy in a BIG Way

Go to his frat parties every friday until he falls in love with me. TSM.

Oh, I read about desperately stalking guys out in Cosmo, but I thought it was one of those faulty tidbits of advice they sometimes give like “try biting his ballsack to spice things up.”

Leaving recruitment during dinner break to go have sex with my fratdaddy instead of eating. TSM

Nothing gets PNMs going like a nice sex flush and the fresh smell of coitus.

My GDI sister told me she thinks I’m stuck up because I’m in a sorority. I told her I’m better than her because I’m in a sorority. TSM

I wonder what would make her say that? Effing geed.

Yes, my little is a legacy. Isn’t yours? TSM

No, my little is pretty.

Sleeping with my Big’s boyfriend’s roommate just to spend more time with her. TSM.

I think they made a movie about this…In the end Minka Kelly ends up killing Leighton Meester.

Having a boyfriend in a fraternity, then still getting asked to 3 different formals TSM.

This either means everyone thinks your boyfriend is a giant pussy, or that you’re a giant slut. Good for you.

No slutty outfit is complete without shimmer. TSM
–Washington State

While I’d have to agree that the most slutty outfits, found on strippers and prostitutes, are accompanied by shimmer, I’m not quite sure that’s the goal here.

Using my Student Loans to pay for my Boob Job. TSM. Thanks University

Poor people are funny.

“Today I thought the alphabet had 28 letters.” TSM.

People who are as stupid as you are should hanged by the uvula.

When the only two girls not pictured in your entire chapter’s composite pictures are you and your big.

Aww, do they also hide you in the kitchen during recruitment?

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