TSM Fail Friday: Daddy Issues

Ten real TSM submissions, five photos, and one video that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

Getting drunk off three drinks then losing the clothes you were wearing, hooking up with a few different guys, and then falling and ending up with a concussion and a broken leg all in one night… does this mean i’m a light weight or clumsy? TSM.
-South Carolina

It means you have Daddy issues.

Drinking in my sorority letters as if I were in a fraternity. TSM.

But you aren’t in a fraternity…

Getting finger fucked into an orgasm in my little black dress while still sitting on the bar stool. TSM.
-North Carolina

I can see why you’d THINK this was a TSM…wait, no I can’t.

Liking every status on his wall until he realizes you’re DTF. TSM.

Whoever told you it was ok to do this hates you.

Fratdaddy hurt you? Sleep with his brother…or his father…TSM.

Actually, YOU have Daddy issues.

My big and I get super butch and intense and talk rough smack talk….over Words With Friends. TSM.

Maybe it’s time you and your Big took things to the next level…Sounds like she likes you too.

Having 5 guys who all think the extra toothbrush in your bathroom is theirs. TSM.


“I don’t care if I fail college, never get a job or if my parents love me… I just can’t be on social probation.” TSM.

Welp, you’ve certainly got your priorities in order.

Going on the all condom diet because birth control pills will make me pack on the pounds. TSM.

I’m not familiar with the all condom diet. PLEASE write in with how it works out for you.

Planning on naming your future children Lilly and Tory. TSM.

I hate you.

This…this is…this is not cute.

Sweetie, get out of there.

Why wasn’t I invited to this mixer?

This will be one hell of a hangover.

One of these is not like the others.

Um, no. No no no…

TSM Intern

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