Fail Friday: The Sniff Test

Ten real TSM submissions and one video that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

Giving a BJ to a sigmachi during derby days in exchange for his black derby hat. TSM.

But did you win Derby Days…because this is only smart if you won.

That pang of jealousy you get when your semiformal date didn’t invite you to his mountain weekend. TSM.
–North Carolina

Imagine how jealous he was of all the guys who didn’t have to go with you to your semiformal.

Smelling your panties after a blackout to see if my fratdaddy wore a condom. Tsm

The sniff test is actually a viable form of birth control.

Getting matching diamond tattoos with your alpha sister. TSM.

Well a diamond is forever, and so is your new brand of stupidity.

Laundering money. TFM. Laundry. TSM


She may have got the man, but I got the Little. TSM.

Boyfriends and littles are not mutually exclusive.

Fucking a TA. TFM. Dating a TA. TSM.

Your TA is the least cool person he knows.

“Cleaning during the day, pleasing my man at night.” TSM.

I just hate you is all.

Taking plan B more than my birth control pill. Tsm

I wish your mother had taken at least one of the two.

Being the self-proclaimed Selfie Queen. TSM.

Of course it’s self-proclaimed. You have no friends to make said proclamation for you.

Whoever convinced you to do this challenge hated you anyway

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