Fail Friday: The Stuff Class is Made Of

Ten real TSM submissions that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

Hooking up next to your pledge twin while she’s hooking up, then your Big switches places with your pledge twin. family bonding time. TSM

If you really just HAVE to participate in group sex, it should be something you keep to yourself, and I guess the rest of the group.

Causing a scene when you don’t win sweetheart, NS. Your sisters spreading rumors about the girl who beat you quietly for the rest of formal, TSM.

As long as you’re throwing tantrums that she doesn’t see, it’s okay.

Baking your own birthday cake since you make the best ones anyway. TSM

Nobody likes you, everyone hates you, I guess you should go eat worms.

Knowing you’re in the right sorority because none of your friends get eiffel towered. TSM.

THAT’S how you know?

Forcing your favorite frat boy to skip his initiation party to attend your formal. TSM.

This is why you shouldn’t date pledges. Oh, and you’re a bitch.

We don’t give bids to any girls who haven’t worn a Lilly at least two days of rush. TSM

Your founders would be proud.

Obviously he just couldn’t handle your beauty TSM

Yes, you’re too pretty. That’s why he wants nothing to do with you.

We were about to have sex, but then he threw in the bathroom and I pissed in the garbage can. TSM
-New Jersey

Well, that’s as good a reason as any to forego intercourse.

Yea i ate…i had a cig and line for dinner. TSM

Mmmmm. A well-balanced meal.

Wine in one hand, dick in the other. TSM

Nobody likes hand jobs.

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