Fail Friday: TSM Edition

Ten real TSM submissions that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

Showering twice as much during the weekends than during the week. TSM.

I’m confused, are you saying you’re bad at math or hygiene?

Lilly at the strip club. TSM.

Totes! What else would a classy sorority girl like you wear to her night job?

FBGM. Fat Bitches Get Munchies. TSM.
-North Carolina

And skinny bitches get bids.

Sorry for NOT being sorry. TSM

Did you just make that up…. You did, didn’t you?

Wearing a real bra and a sports bra to make your boobs look 2 sizes bigger. TSM

Do you yell surprise when your boyfriend takes them off and there are no boobs to be found?

Harry making the Sorting Hat a mutual selection process. TSM.

Unfortunately, TSM will not be extending you an invitation to our next round. But good luck with the rest of recruitment

Favorite Summer Past Time: Creeping on PNMS. TSM

Yeah, same. Some people like the beach, but creeping on high school girls is way better.

Not going to class because you spend the entire time looking confused, and wrinkles will not help you earn your MRS degree. TSM.

Stupidity is the new black.

Fix yo hur. You’re in a sorority. Dayum. TSM.

Are you trying to kill me?

I’d give the Chili’s guy a hand job for a free meal. TSM.
-Chili’s Grill & Bar

Dear Chili’s Guy, I’m sure you give yourself plenty of hand jobs, and that very few of them result in free meals. I’m not amused.

TSM Intern

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