Fail Friday: Your Recruitment Counselors are Failing You

Ten real TSM submissions and one video that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

“It’s slutever.” TSM.

It’s not.

Members of the football team are constantly at our house because of that one sister with jungle fever. TSM.

Silver lining…

Planning a big/little cruise in the spring… not knowing who our littles are, yet. TSM.

Someone is going to have a bad fit, because someone always does, and shit’s going to get weird. Have fun.

Implying negative consequences, in just such a way that they can’t tell if you’re serious, on PNM’s social lives if they pick another sorority while dirty rushing. TSM.

I’m not saying that you *will* have all of your clothing torn into pieces in the middle of the night, and your car windows smashed in….but I’m also not saying that you won’t.

Accidental bathroom sex. TSM.

Yes, I can see how that could accidentally happen.

The moral dilemma as a Rho Gam about whether to switch a girl’s ranking so your rival gets dropped more. TSM.
–North Carolina

NO! Don’t do that. WTF is wrong with you?

Living in constant fear that Standards is going to find out about the sex tape you made before you got in. TSM.

That you made in, what? High school? Do you have absent parents? This is what happens when mothers work.

Having big ass and tits. TSM.

And legs, and arms, and tummy…

I was just asked to be a beard. #Gayguysloveprettybetches TSM.

Gay guys DO in fact love “pretty betches,” but being a beard mostly signifies that he doesn’t think you’ll ever be able to find a straight man. So. Pray the pool boy likes you more, I guess.

Secretly worried I was asked to be a Rho Chi because my sisters don’t want me talking to PNMs. TSM.

Probs. Better than being in the kitchen though.

I like your shirts

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