Fangirl Excessively Tweets At Celeb Crush For Six Years, Now They’re Dating

I thought I didn’t believe in fairy tales, but then I stumbled upon the story of Jake and Danielle. Jake and Danielle are just like any other couple. They go on dates. They take selfies. They post said selfies to Instagram to gush over each other.

I'm crazy for her. 💙

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Oh, except for the fact that Danielle is her boyfriend’s #1 fan. No, I’m not talking about the “I Support Everything You Do And Will Cheer You On” type of girlfriend “fan.” I’m talking a straight up poster hanging fangirl pyscho, just like me and (hopefully) you.


Jake T. Austin, who you may remember from Wizards Of Waverly Place, is now 21 and also very attractive. Danielle Caesar, 22, noticed this diamond in the rough and did what any of us do when we start crushing over celebrities: blew up his Twitter mentions. Danielle now has her Twitter on private (ugh), but luckily these screenshots are floating around the interwebs for us to document this love story for the ages.

This is allegedly the first tweet Danielle sent to her one true love, almost six years ago. “Amazinq ;”


Then two years later, the two were brought together by fate a signing in Planet Hollywood in NYC. I’m sure that photo was soon framed.


After putting in four more years of fangirl tweets, here we are. The two are now a couple. I’ve got to say this is a truly inspiring piece. I’ve been putting in time tweeting at my celebrity crushes, so it’s only a matter of time, right?

I need Danielle to go ahead and put her Twitter on public again so I can see what the tweet is that turns you from “crazy stalker” to “potential girlfriend.” Pick me. Choose me. Love me. I’m only slightly crazy.

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Twitter images via Capital FM

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