Farrah Abraham Of “Teen Mom” Fame Got A Botched Lip Job And We Have Pictures

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Once you’ve been a teen mom, a porn star, a sex toy hawker, and an erotic novel author, what’s the next logical career step? Well, apparently for former “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham, it’s to have (another) plastic surgery and post the botched results on your Twitter.

On Tuesday, the mother of poor Sophia posted these pictures to her Twitter account:

As you can see, the reality star — who I actually thought was pretty before she got a nose job, chin implants, and two boob jobs — now has a top lip that protrudes past her chin. The procedure was to add an implant into Abraham’s upper lip, which is supposedly more cost effective than having fillers continuously injected. However, her plan for bigger lips with less maintenance blew up in her face (pun intended). Abraham told TMZ she had an allergic reaction to an anesthetic doctors injected her with prior to the procedure.

Of course, being Farrah, she immediately capitalized on her misfortune by posting pictures of her disfigured lips and retweeting various news and gossip outlets’ coverage of her new look. I guess if your face is going to be that messed up, you might as well get some attention out of it, right?

[via TMZ]

Image via Instagram

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