FINALLY! Scientists Have Created A Birth Control That Guarantees Women Orgasms


Forget finding a cure for the common cold — this is better. The brilliant minds over at IXu, self-proclaimed “global leader of condom innovation” have lived up to their name with their newest combination contraception/sex toy called the VA w.o.w. If it has wow in the name, it has to be good, right?

The VA w.o.w. is a condom that you put inside your vagina that has a vibrating ring that sits on the outside to keep the condom from slipping in too far. I know, female condoms kind of weird and gross, but this one is amazing because of what it does for you. A few lucky bitches got to try this bad boy in product testing and the results were orgasmic. Literally, they all had orgasms.

70 percent of women between 20 and 40 years old had an orgasm on their first use, 84 percent had an orgasm on their second use, and 100 percent had an orgasm by the fourth time, according to a report from Women’s Health.

FINALLY someone cares about me enough to guarantee to get me off! 100 percent. That’s a 100 percent increase in the orgasms I’ve had from sex ever. Please, VA w.o.w., make my dreams come true.

This is a game changer. I need this, and I need it now. Granted, it hasn’t been approved by the FDA yet, but I don’t care. I’m more than happy to take this little magical condom on a few test runs. You know, for science.

[via Women’s Health]

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