First Glimpse Of North West

I’ve always wondered what the anti-Christ would look like…well, now we know.

This morning, Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian’s pimp mother, debuted the first picture of baby North West on her failing talk show. The move, a clear publicity stunt in an effort to both boost her own ratings and keep her daughter’s name relevant, had “we’re publicity whores!” written all over it. To be fair, though, I would expect nothing less from a Kardashian.

Shockingly, the spawn of two people who will one day sit next to Cain and Judas in one of Dante’s inner circles, has neither horns, nor a tail, so I’ll give credit where credit is do. I hate myself for saying this, as I was expecting to be faced with a literal monster…but she’s kind of cute. Look, I’m not saying that she’s beautiful or anything – there’s no need to inflate Kim’s and Kayne’s egos any more than they already are – but in the immortal words of Elle Woods, “She’s not completely unfortunate-looking.” So, there you go. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go grab a rosary and hunker down in my basement; I’m pretty positive The Rapture is here.

[via Time]

Image via Associated Press


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